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$300K Settlement in Reckless Skiing Accident

A group of co-workers went on a ski trip; P.B. was the least experienced of the group. One in the group found delight in knocking down other skiers and recording it on a GoPro. When the jokester hit P.B., the collision broke his shoulder. Final diagnosis was a fractured humeral head requiring surgery. P.B. lost […]

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$110,000 Settlement in Dog Bite Case

Client was involved in a dog bite attack by a Great Pyrenees. There was a history with animal control for this Great Pyrenees as well as an another dog belonging to the same owner. Client had 2 years’ worth of records contacting animal control. Just a month before the attack, the dogs escaped, chased our […]

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Evan Banker – Top Lawyer 2020

Evan Banker is passionate about the practice of law. “We believe that the law is the great equalizer. In a courtroom, it is not a miracle for David to defeat Goliath, or for an individual to hold a big corporation or insurance company accountable. That is justice, nothing more, nothing less. That is what our […]

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After an appeal, a second jury orders Ford to pay.

On September 20, 2009 Forrest Walker was driving his 1998 Ford Explorer.  He was stopped at the intersection of Arapahoe Avenue and Cherryvale Road in Boulder. Walker’s Explorer was rear-ended. His driver’s seat malfunctioned, and he was thrown backwards sustaining head and neck injuries. Claiming that the Explorer’s seat was a defectively designed, Walker sued […]

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