Exceptional responsiveness, compassion and legal expertise. They exceeded my expectations for legal representation.

– Larry Raskin

Jim Chalat is an excellent attorney. Very professional and very knowledgable in all aspects of the law. His experience and intuition helped me achieve a very favorable settlement in a ski accident. I am very pleased with Jim Chalat and the staff in his law firm. I would highly recommend Jim Chalat.

Professional Negligence

I can definitely recommend this firm… A firm that is willing to dedicate that much research into such an obscure, yet vital area of law has it’s clients’ best interests at heart.

Jim Chalat

Both Mr. Hatten and Mr. Chalat were amazing to work with. Very personable, caring, understanding. Their knowledge and experience was of utmost help to me. I highly recommend them. Not only they are the best lawyers but also good hearted people. Thank you very much!

– Janie Toneva

I am so grateful for Chalat Law. I was involved in a terrible ski collision, and suffered for months. I had a very positive experience working with Jim Chalat. I was comfortable and confident with his expertise concerning my injury and my case.

Russell Hatten

I am beyond thankful that Russell Hatten and the Chalat, Hatten & Banker firm took on my personal injury case. Having never been through something like this before, I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision in hiring a lawyer. But, I am so happy I did because I never could have navigated insurance on my own. Also, I could not have asked for better representation. Russell is the definition of a highly skilled lawyer and a true professional. He was quick to respond and patient with all of my questions throughout the process. He is also a genuine and kind person to work with. He went above and beyond to make sure all of the details (things I would have never thought about) of the settlement were in my best interest. I would absolutely recommend Russell and the firm to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer. I am so grateful for my experience with them!

– Tracee Lynne

My experiences with this law firm and in particular, Russell R. Hatten was without a doubt first class. I cannot fault them for anything. Everything was handled timely and professionally.

A life changing accident like mine was one of the worst things that could happen to me and my foot will never be the same. Working with Russell however brought a rainbow after the storm and a brighter future than I ever thought I would find from such a tragic accident.

Evan Banker

Evan Banker and his staff at Chalat Hatten and Banker earned my trust and empowered me to pursue my interests. I was grateful for the detailed and straightforward explanations of the process of pursuing a claim. I was grateful for their realistic assessments, that allowed me to make good decisions. At every step I felt that Evan and his firm were focused on my best interest.