Medical Malpractice Resulting from Failure ot Diagnose or Misdiagnosis

People suffering from symptoms associated with heart attacks, strokes, or other serious illnesses need attentive physicians who order the appropriate diagnostic treatment. If doctors fail take the time necessary to properly diagnosis symptoms or order the needed tests, serious complications can result, including death. A misdiagnosis case may arise when a serious condition is not identified and symptoms are attributed to a different health problem.

This occurs frequently when appropriate diagnostic tests are not ordered, particularly in emergency rooms, due to time or cost considerations. A failure to diagnose claim is similar, but typically involves a care provider who fails to properly recognize the results of diagnostic testing such as misreading a biopsy slide or x-ray image.

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Many medical conditions may be missed by an untrained or impatient treating physician, or misdiagnosed for lack of proper testing.  Frequently the condition which is not identified is life-threatening, such as a serious head injury, pulmonary embolism or an aneurysm.  The double – vulnerability of the victim makes these cases particularly serious – the underlying untreated condition is worsening while unnecessary treatment is possibly given for the wrong diagnosis.

$10 million

for failure to find brain tumor