$110,000 Settlement in Dog Bite Case

Client was involved in a dog bite attack by a Great Pyrenees. There was a history with animal control for this
Great Pyrenees as well as an another dog belonging to the same owner. Client had 2 years’ worth of records
contacting animal control. Just a month before the attack, the dogs escaped, chased our client and her dogs.
Owner and son came out and got the dogs under control and had bragged about the dog killing a coyote.

On the day of the incident, Client went for a walk. The gates belonging to the owner were open at time of the
attack, allowing the unruly dogs to escape again. The attacking dog bit Client’s right hand and arm, took out
a chunk of flesh, requiring a skin graft. Client also suffered a puncture wound on back of hip and bite to her
head. The dog bite attack on Client was witnessed by animal control.

Chalat Hatten & Banker negotiated successful resolution of Client’s claims. The matter settled for $110,000.

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