Evan Banker – Top Lawyer 2020

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Evan Banker is passionate about the practice of law. “We believe that the law is the great equalizer. In a courtroom, it is not a miracle for David to defeat Goliath, or for an individual to hold a big corporation or insurance company accountable. That is justice, nothing more, nothing less. That is what our clients deserve.” Whether he is representing someone who has suffered life changing permanent injuries and has lost a career, or someone who is struggling with medical bills, Evan is always focused on why clients come to him for help. “It is about taking responsibility. When someone causes harm, they are responsible to make it right, and yes, that means financially compensating
the person they hurt.”

Evan has been selected as a 5280 Top Lawyer because of the reputation he and his firm, Chalat Hatten & Banker, have built by succeeding with integrity. That begins by only taking cases they believe in and are willing to stake their reputation on. It shows in the respect they have earned from their opponents, who know the attorneys at Chalat Hatten & Banker are true to their word, and will be formidable adversaries in trial. The same lawyers Evan argues against in court are among his colleagues who have chosen him as a 5280 Top Lawyer.

Most importantly, the integrity and hard work the lawyers at Chalat Hatten & Banker put into their cases pay dividends for their clients’ future wellbeing. Evan has secured numerous successful settlements for his clients, and where settlement was not possible, verdicts in their favor. His notable trial experience includes one of the largest auto/pedestrian verdicts in Colorado history – an $18.1 million verdict – and a defective product case against Ford Motor Company which resulted in a $7 million judgment.

Evan is deferential about his trial successes. “Most cases settle for fair compensation. When we take these cases to trial, it is because someone refused to take responsibility for the harm they caused. These numbers sound big, but that’s how much was needed to equalize the damages caused by the defendant and the lifetime of care that follows. It’s what justice required for our client.”