Drunk Driving Car Accident

Jim Chalat of Chalat Hatten & Banker represented my husband and me in a personal injury case in which we were the victims of a high speed car crash committed by a drunk driver. We sustained significant injuries that required ICU treatment and surgery. The case was further complicated by the fact that the driver was uninsured. Jim was highly responsive to our needs and experienced in what to expect from the type of injuries we received. He made things as easy as possible for us and even came to our house (pre-Covid) when documents required review. Jim alleviated an enormous weight for us in making sure the myriad of medical providers were paid and he negotiated a fair settlement from our insurance company. We can’t thank Jim enough.

Good Hearted People

Both Mr. Hatten and Mr. Chalat were amazing to work with. Very personable, caring, understanding. Their knowledge and experience was of utmost help to me. I highly recommend them. Not only they are the best lawyers but also good hearted people. Thank you very much!

Jim Chalat – Excellent attorney

Jim Chalat is an excellent attorney. Very professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. His experience and intuition helped me achieve a very favorable settlement in a ski accident. I am very pleased with Jim Chalat and the staff in his law firm. I would highly recommend Jim Chalat.

Ski Collision

I am so grateful for Chalat Law. I was involved in a terrible ski collision, and suffered for months. I had a very positive experience working with Jim Chalat. I was comfortable and confident with his expertise concerning my injury and my case.

Jim Chalat – Communication

Jim did an excellent job! He communicated the process and timeline very well. Always kept us informed!