Welcome to a better way to settle your auto claim.

By combining technology with attorney expertise, SettleUp provides an affordable, convenient, and efficient solution to securing a fair settlement for your car accident claim.

Settle smarter with a modern approach to auto claims resolution.

SettleUp is a new kind of legal service with a mission to reinvent how Coloradans get legal help for their auto injury claim. Developed by the licensed attorneys of Chalat Hatten & Banker, PC who have been practicing personal injury law for nearly four decades, SettleUp addresses the biggest burdens and hurdles the every-day person faces in pursuing legal assistance: affordability, convenience, and time.

A hybrid of human and automated services, SettleUp puts you in control of your claim with the added benefit of leveraging the expertise and negotiating power of experienced personal injury attorneys. SettleUp was designed to manage nearly every step of the claims process digitally to provide clients with cost and time-saving legal services. You can get more done on the go or from the comfort of your own home, turning the demanding and complicated claims process into a quick, seamless, and manageable undertaking.

With SettleUp, you’ll secure fast and fair compensation for your injuries, at a fraction of the cost of typical attorney’s fees.


Keep more of your money.

SettleUp was specifically developed as a cost-saving alternative to full attorney representation. You only pay a 20% contingency fee compared to standard attorney fees which typically range from 33-45%, plus costs. The result is potentially thousands of more dollars for you.

Why? Typical attorney fees for personal injury claims include the cost of handling a case through trial and appeal. When a claim involves severe injuries or is likely to go to court because fault is contested, attorneys can add significant value to the claim which justifies the fee. For cases where fault is clear (the other driver was given a ticket) and injuries will heal, many people aren’t interested in going to court, but don’t trust an insurance company to pay a fair settlement. If you know you don’t want to go to court, we don’t think you should be paying for services you will never use so we pass these savings on to you.

DID YOU KNOW? A comprehensive study from the insurance industry itself showed that auto accident injury claims settle for an average of three to four times more when you’re represented by an experienced attorney.

Present your case with confidence.

We have been handling personal injury cases for nearly four decades. We understand you don’t need to spend more time fighting in court than you spent recovering from your injuries. You are looking to obtain a fair value for your claim and move on with your life, with the confidence that an insurance company hasn’t taken advantage of you. Our attorneys will help you navigate from a position of strength to maximize your settlement.

We make it easy.

Safely and securely fill out forms, send and sign documents, and accept or reject offers all electronically. Regular text and email communications provide clear and easy-to-understand instructions and explanations, prompt you to take next steps, and keep you informed of the progress of your claim. We send you helpful reminders, check-ins and follow up emails to ensure you always know what comes next with your case. Spend less time worrying and more time focusing on what matters.


SettleUp is for the client who wants to rely on an attorney’s evaluation and negotiation strategy to achieve an effective and fair pre-litigation resolution of a claim, without paying the fees associated with typical representation.

After an initial consultation with an attorney, SettleUp’s intuitive interface will guide you through the intake process, giving you the power to provide all the important information and facts you want the insurance company to know about your claim.

We start by gathering info on all the relevant insurers and let them know to deal directly with us – the attorneys – and to leave you alone.

We handle the paperwork and the professional presentation of your claim. You let us know who your medical providers are. We will collect your medical records and bills and evaluate the claim. We will assemble everything into a demand package for presentation to the insurance company and recommend an amount for you to request as a settlement.

Once the insurance company has evaluated the claim and responded with an offer, we will recommend your next negotiating position and communicate it to the insurance company. You’ll have the confidence knowing that experienced attorneys who understand claim value and insurance tactics are negotiating on your behalf.

After a few settlement offers are sent back and forth, when we believe the insurance company will not meaningfully increase its offer any further, we will advise you it is time to settle the case.