Denver Motorcycle Accident Results in $500k Settlement

M.B., age 21 was a helmeted passenger on a motorcycle when a car driven by Ms. Robb, an elderly lady from
South Carolina, made a left hand turn and crashed into her. Robb was in a rented car and was given a traffic
citation at the scene of the accident. M.B. was taken to Sky Ridge Medical Center by ambulance and remained
there for two weeks. She was admitted into ICU for a lacerated liver, knee injury and broken hand.

She initially engaged a high-volume, “TV advertising” law firm but felt that “she was not being treated fairly or
communicated with properly.” Her matter involved both a criminal and civil side. Her claims were significant
for huge medical bills and lost income as a personal trainer. Insurance coverage was complicated with low
policy limits on the rental, and two other insurance policies providing coverage for the accident.

Partner Russell Hatten represented M.B. and achieved a $500K settlement on her behalf.

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