$345,000 Settlement in Multi-Car Collision Accident

Mr. Hanna was parked on the southbound HWY 36 shoulder with his hazard lights on. Mr. Hanna began to
make a sharp and sudden left-hand turn onto eastbound Neva Road, which had him crossing both southbound
and northbound lanes of HWY 36 traffic. The left front side of Hanna’s 2009 Nissan Maxima struck the front
right door of the Acura driven by W.G. The impact of the car collision was directly into the front passenger
side where W.G.’s father was seated. The impact rotated the Acura clockwise and into the northbound lane.

A 2015 GMC Sierra traveling northbound and driven by Mr. Johnson, struck W.G.’s Acura on the rear left.
Johnson estimated his speed at the time of impact was 50 mph. This secondary, high-energy impact on the
rear left was immediately behind W.G. who was in the driver seat. W.G. is 6’2” tall and his seat was naturally
in a position to accommodate his height.

At the time of impact, he felt a significant force and injury to his back. Both W.G. and his father were in
3-point restraints. The car collision caused the Acura’s side-airbags to deploy. W.G. had a neuropsychological
evaluation done by a Clinical Neuropsychologist at Boulder Community Neuropsychology. W.G. continued
suffering forgetfulness and concentration about three months after the car collision, interfering with his
ability to compete at a high level as a professional triathlete.

Mr. Hanna’s insurance provider settled W.G.’s claims for $345K. Jim Chalat was lead counsel on the case.

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