$228,000 Jury Verdict for Dog Bite Case

Robert Moreno, age 50, of Denver, CO, owns a residential installation business. On June 15th, 2020, Moreno was installing insulation at a home next the home owned by defendant J.D. age 40. J.D. owned an English Bulldog with which he was walking using a retractable leash.  As J.D. left his home with the dog, it ran towards Moreno and without provocation bit down on his knee and twisted it, tearing Mr. Morenos meniscus. As a result, Mr. Moreno needed surgery on his knee and was unable to work during his recovery. Partner Evan Banker and Russell Hatten represented our clients in this matter. The jury awarded Moreno damages of $228,000, with interest and costs the total judgment was valued at and settled for $301,000. Moreno v. J.D., 2022CV 31398 (District Court, City and County of Denver, Colorado)