Utah Ski Law

Have you been injured while skiing in the state of Utah?

If you were the victim of a ski or snowboard collision in Utah, we may be able to help you recover money damages against the wrongdoer.. We have represented injured skiers and snowboarders in Utah, in skier collision cases and in ski area operator negligence cases, including lift accidents.  We are not licensed in Utah, but we are ethically permitted to work on Utah cases with the help of our correspondent Utah counsel.

Keep reading on this page for help in understanding Utah ski law and for insights gained from our experience.  If you choose to call us for a no-obligation/free consultation, please fill out and submit a contact form or call us on our main line at 303.861.1042. We will listen to your story and help you if we can. If it is an emergency, please call Jim Chalat on his cell at 303.882.4781.  If he cannot pick up right away, he will forward your message to a partner at the firm. All the lawyers in the firm have extensive experience in representing injured skiers or snowboarders. The consultation is free, even if it is time-consuming and if we need to read records you have about the possible case. We are accessible to answer your questions even if you aren’t sure yet if you want to hire a lawyer; or if you want to hire other lawyers.  The choice of your lawyer is solely your decision.

Utah Ski Law Highlights

Utah Ski Act history

Skier/snowboarder collision cases

Skier/snowboarder collision cases are not barred by waiver. The ski pass waiver and/or assumption of risk language on a lift ticket do not immunize other skiers or riders from liability. Except in the rare case where you are run down by a ski area employee in the course of his/her duties, the liability waiver on your season pass or the assumption of risk language on your lift ticket do notprotect the other skier from responsibility and liability.

How do you prove fault?

You can help your lawyers in the early stages with the evidence in the case.  Here are some items that are helpful:

Safety Considerations:

In addition to the basics of skiing in control, avoiding collisions with things or people, keeping a lookout, here are some basic safety considerations for skiers and riders:

Snowboarders, in addition to the above:

All Skiers and riders: