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Skiing or Snowboarding Accident: What You Need to Know

Skiing and snowboarding accidents can often be frightening and shocking. And in the moments following, you may not know what to do. Because of the stressful nature of a skiing accident, it’s important to know the facts, and to know what to do if you are involved in a collision. Ski Accident Statistics During the […]

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$307,500 Settlement for Skier Injured at Aspen

Our client was skiing Lower Ruthie’s Run at Aspen when he was hit in the back by the defendant, who was skiing with his children, possible chasing them. The collision resulted in injuries including left rotator cuff tear, broken ribs and casting of left hand. Partner Russell Hatten represented our client in this matter and […]

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$303K Settlement in Copper Mountain Ski Collision Case

Our client, an Orthopedic Surgeon, was struck from behind by an out of control skier on Rhapsody Run at Copper Mountain on 11/24/19. Client had slowed for a “slow zone” and described the collision as being “hit by a truck.” Client suffered multiple fractures and was hospitalized for 6 days at St. Anthony’s. He lost […]

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$305,000 Settlement in Steamboat Ski Collision Case

Blue skies on Heavenly Days at Steamboat one March morning in 2019. Our client, an 85 year-old-husband and past-president of Steamboat Ski Corps in the 80s, was skiing with a friend. Another skier ran into him from behind, causing a brain bleed. Our client was airlifted for brain bleed to Anschutz, ICU, and then transferred […]

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$356,000: Vail Skier Crashes Into 9-year-old

On Sunday, March 11, 2012 (Spring Break), B.P. (then 9 years of age) was skiing at Vail Ski Resort in Eagle County, Colorado. Lee Skavanger skied into B.P. from uphill, behind, and at high speed, causing B.P. to sustain a right, mid-shaft femur fracture. Vail Ski Patrol attended B.P. at the scene and evacuated him […]

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$300K Settlement in Reckless Skiing Accident

A group of co-workers went on a ski trip; P.B. was the least experienced of the group. One in the group found delight in knocking down other skiers and recording it on a GoPro. When the jokester hit P.B., the collision broke his shoulder. Final diagnosis was a fractured humeral head requiring surgery. P.B. lost […]

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$675K Settlement in Snowmass Ski Accident Case

A.S. was skiing on Sandy Park, an intermediate ski trail at Snowmass Resort at 2:20 PM on Thursday, March 1, 2018. Cohen was uphill of A.S., flew over a roll and took A.S. out. In the Collision Report Form, ski patrol quoted A.S. at the scene immediately after the collision saying “I got hit in […]

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The Original Ski Lawyers

Linda: In 1980, Jim Chalat published a law review article about the Colorado Skier Safety Act. It had been enacted in 1979 in order to protect ski area operators from liability in cases involving the “inherent risks of skiing. Since then, we have developed a practice area concerning skier accidents. In 1998, I created and […]

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