Dog Attacks

Dog Bites and Attacks

Dog attacks happen suddenly and can cause serious or catastrophic damages. Many people require emergency medical attention, surgery, and ongoing medical care. There is no way to predict which dogs will attack. As a Denver personal injury law firm, we have heard numerous stories of previously peaceful dogs (or other pets) who suddenly lashed out without warning.

We happen to be dog lovers here at Chalat Law, but we also understand that pets must be controlled to prevent them from hurting others.

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Understanding Dog Bite Claims in Colorado

Colorado has a state law that specifically addresses a dog owner’s liability for their pet. This statute, commonly called The Colorado Dog Bite Statute, is found in C.R.S. § 13-21-124(6)(a), (b). The law makes dog owners liable for any “serious bodily injury or death” caused by their dog attacking someone else.

Dog owners are liable under this statute even if the dog never previously showed vicious or dangerous propensities. Similarly, the owner is liable even if he or she had no knowledge that the dog was likely to attack. This state statute sets Colorado apart from many states where the “one-bite rule” may apply. Other states give dog owners the benefit of the doubt for the first attack by a pet. Instead, dog owners in our state are strictly liable for any serious injury that their dog inflicts on someone else by biting them.

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for attack by Great Pyrenees